22 December, 2011

What's Your Favorite Line?

Just a few little blips from STRIPPED -- a few of my favorite one-liners:

1. Her faint accent caressed his ears like fi ngertips might stroke his skin.

2.  “Wake up, Mayer. Your dick’s staring at a keep out sign.”

3.  As fine as a guppy with a shark on its tail.

4.  Jeez, Natalya, the guy changes lightbulbs.

5.  "We’re gonna take it nice and slow, and I get to drive.”

6.  “Because Jill’s an overachiever.”

7.  “Yes, baby, I’ve been in your drawers.”

8.  He refused to join the ranks of men who jumped into their cars with tiny pieces of toilet paper stuck to their chins.

9.  The physical was so much easier to understand than the pain behind his ribs that built with each hungry stroke of her tongue.

10.  “Swear it, or you’re on the street homeless.”



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