15 December, 2011


This week's teaser is gearing up for the release of STRIPPED.  Remember, it hits the shelves January 3, but you can pre-order now!

Everyone likes a good villian, right?  Let's meet Dmitri today.


- Excerpt taken from STRIPPED, available Jan 3, 2012


This singular moment, where the two of them knew no greater paradise than the pleasure of their bodies, was more priceless to Dmitri than any wealth, any power. Struck by momentary tenderness, he lifted up to brush his lips against hers.

“Moya lyubov´,” he whispered.

Yes, love her—the only woman he had ever loved. For that matter, the only thing. What he would do without her, he didn’t know. She made the duties he must carry out possible, and the next few days
apart, after so many already past, would be impossible. Yet it was necessary. She alone could teach Iskatel´ how to smoothly make the women subservient. But if Iskatel´ didn’t cooperate with Natalya, or Iskatel´’s
ineptitude put her in harm’s way, Iskatel´ would join the murdered women in the grave.

For Natalya, Dmitri would kill even his own Bratva family.


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