08 December, 2011

Possibly Something New?

Well, in the midst of all things Black Opals, I've been working on a proposal.  Fingers crossed that things pan out.

However, I thought I'd tease with a little detail, since this is foremost on my mind.

Hint:  Revenge, a ruined betrothed, one devilish rake, and the pursuit of freedom.


"The light in her eyes shifted, assuming a darker, more suggestive glimmer.  Were he not mistaken, he would swear she flirted with him.

She is well into her drink.  Do not be fooled by lies.

His tongue refused to obey.  He held her gaze in challenge.  “I assure you, Miss Prescott, my skills are quite effective.  It is the patient who must be willing to follow through.”

“So you say.”  She smiled before a husky laugh trilled in her throat.  “And what is it you would have me follow through on to assure a speedy recovery from this insufferable heat that has overcome my body?"


Let's hope my editor wants to hear the hero's answer!



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