03 January, 2012

Dreams Come True

It was almost a year ago that I submitted my manuscript for this "special project" to my agent, with very little heads up about what was going to land on her desk. Almost a year ago that I entered it into the Great Expectations Contest and learned it had become a finalist in Romantic Suspense.

And now... through what I truly consider Divine Intervention, STRIPPED is on the shelves.  Why Divine Intervention?  Because I never envisioned it would be with Berkley Heat.  Yes, I wrote it with a slant for Sensation.  But erotica?  Good grief, I couldn't write those words.

Until my now-editor saw something in the writing that I hadn't fully realized and made an offer on an erotic title.  Convert it?  Daunting.  But Berkley?

You cannot imagine how long I have dreamt of working with Berkley.  And my editor?  Her too.  I used to hunt the RWA contests for where she might be judging... and swore every time, because, infalliably, she was judging something I didn't have an entry for.

So it is with much ado, much grattitude, and much elation that I invite all of you to celebrate with me!  Thank you... everyone.  From the depths of my heart.

Now, add into that dream-come-true the fact that my other book, the story I waited years to tell appropriately, IMMORTAL HOPE, also releases today under my other penname... and yes, I revisit the phrase, "Divine Intervention."

In a little while, I'm off to check out Barnes and Noble, demi-demons in tow, prepped to have their photos taken with my books.  I don't care if it's silly.  I don't care if I cry in public -- I likely will.  My books are here, my dreams have truly begun, and I'm going to grin from ear-to-ear all day long.

Meanwhile, if you're out shopping too, and you see my books on the shelves, drop me a note and let me know where!  I'd love to have a collection of sightings by the end of the day.

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