07 January, 2012

Guest Appearance - Don't Miss This Blog

Okie dokie all, (like my midwest accent coming through?)...

You want to see this beautiful blog site! Reading Between the Wines Book Club

Now, I'm making some stops at some fabulous blogs that have fabulous reputations. Most of them, though, I was intimately familiar with in one way or another.

This one, however, I stumbled onto while I was looking for additional review sites and erotic romance fans. It's just too damned beautiful!

I think though what really struck me is, I've recently been truly induced to wine -- you know, something other than "it's white" "it's red", and I have a favorite wine bar here locally. Reading Between the Wines completely captures that atmosphere for me. Love it, Love it!

Anyway -- Although the Stripped Book Tour does not run on the weekends, today I'm a guest at the amazingly classy Reading Between the Wines Book Club, and I'm sharing exclusive, original content. Not a clip from the book, not an excerpt you've seen before, not something you'll read again. Original content. Please stop in and share your thoughts -- I'd love to see you there!

Also -- as my alter-ego, Claire Ashgrove, the tour is still in full swing over the weekends. Today's stop is at Paranormal Heaven, another beautiful paranormal blog. (Love, love, the purple!)

Stop in, leave a comment, and be entered for up to $50.00 in Amazon Gift Cards!




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