16 June, 2011

Thursday Teasers

Eventually I want to make Thursdays days that really fit the concept of "Teaser".  But until I have releasable information, we have to make due with publishing updates.

So this week I finished the proposal for the second Black Opal book.  All done, issues mitigated, out the door... and that was a surprisingly difficult task.  I plot heavily.  However, I still leave a lot of stuff up to the writing as I go along.  Which means that there's usually deviations from my chapter-by-chapter outline.  To date, I've never written a synopsis prior to the book being finished and polished.  Having to write one with only three or four working chapters under my belt, despite the detailed outline, was a bit difficult.  It's not easy to translate:  "Hero has a WOW moment" into a synopsis. 

Or:  "Uh-oh for heroine."

Or even:  "Mwahahaha go Villian!"


Meanwhile, STRIPPED is heading for copy-edits, I hear.  YAY!!  This means we are ever-closer to January and the release. 

I'm so anxious to see my cover.  And I'm doubly-anxious to share the cover blurb with everyone. 

More to come as I'm allowed.



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