02 June, 2011

Thursday Teasers

Well it's that time again -- an update on where things stand.

First, as I mentioned last update, I was working with my editor on the back cover copy.  I'm pleased to say that we've ironed all that out and I believe it's finalized.  I can't, however, post it, as I'm not sure if it's been officially given the stamp of approval.

I can say that the title is now Stripped.

Something that really stood out to me:  Here and there you hear horror stories about how a house didn't appear to care about the author's preferance.  I was simply astounded by the level of consideration given to me during both the title selection process and the back cover blurbs.  It was incredible.  And while I knew, all along, that in the end, what would work well from a marketing standpoint would be what flew, I really felt like my input was desired.  The end result -- which was far more a product of committee not my efforts -- made me giddy!

For another teaser -- I'm gearing up for the next book about the Black Opals.  The hero is someone I think you'll fall in love with as much as I have and you've seen him before.  But this bad boy has his ass in a frying pan, and if he's not careful, he's going to be handed his heart... on a platter. 

Until next time!



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