05 July, 2012

A Closer Look At Sasha Zablosky

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One of the things that I found most compelling about writing Lie to Me was Sasha herself.  Trying to envision what Alexei's betrayal must have been like; how she could accept and what would be necessary in her life to create that acceptance.  And forgiveness... could she harbor such dark things in her own past that could generate forgiveness.

I truly believe that with her work in the FSB, she would understand a lot more than we common people would. 

I've had deep conversations with former servicemen.  I have friends who are intimately connected to former SEAL members, and I have been lucky enough to get a first-hand peek at the mentality, the conversions in thought that these folks have made in terms of line of duty.  There's a broader perspective in the world where an asset is an asset, a target is a target, and an ally is an ally...  There's more acceptance within those channels of what we would consider terrible things.

And I cannot imagine that if we're talking the world of covert intelligence and national security, that those conversions in thought wouldn't be even more in depth.  For instance, look at Jason Bourne.  He had an emotional relationship with Marie, and I speculate Nicky as well.  And yet, there's still the matter of duty.  Or Salt for that matter, who deeply loved her husband, despite her intended duties.  There must be a separation between duty and heart, and I cannot believe in the stories of the other half being clueless to the duty side.  Therefore, in my head, there must be some similiar disassociation for the partner as well, and along with that disassociation, a hefty level of acceptance.

Which was where Sasha was grounded.  She possessed the background to understand, though she may not have been acting in the same capacity as Alexei.  Plus, for reasons of her own, she embraces her fate as a form of punishment that she's willing to accept.

In any case, Sasha was fascinating, and I had an immense amount of fun getting into her head.  And hey, it wasn't half-bad letting her fall in love with a strong, sexy hero, who would give up his life to keep her safe. 

If you'd like to meet Sasha, the Lie to Me blog tour continues today at Riverina Romantics with an interview with her.  Remember, if you follow the tour, the more you comment, the better your chances of winning!  And the prize is a 25.00 Amazon Gift Card.


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