22 April, 2012

Sunday Sevens

I'm starting a new endeavor and hopefully it will work.  I stole the concept from the Twitter game, Lucky Sevens, so credit needs to go to the person who originated that.

Every Sunday, I'm going to post Seven ... somethings.  Ideally this will fall into line with the "Post seven lines of a manuscript, beginning on line 7 of page 77".  However, with only so many books in my booklist, that's going to get stale rather quickly.  So we may talk about the Seven Sexiest Heros, or the Seven Hottest Covers... we'll play it by ear. 

But let's start this one off right!  Under my other pen name, Claire Ashgrove, I have a new release out this month.  It's a dark paranormal romance and is the fourth book in my Inherited Damnation series.  In my quest to pull from page 77, I ran into a problem -- it's a dialogue exchange without tags, that makes no sense out of the context of the story.  So, this is from page 7.

Ensnared by Blood
Inherited Damnation, Book IV

The sound of annoyance that rumbled in the back of his throat came out more like a snarl, a sound far closer to the dark blood he tried to ignore than he cared to admit. He took a deep calming breath then ordered his voice to remain level. “Go away. You have a room on the other wing of the castle. Stay there.” Taking three candles off the stack, he set them aside. He’d imbibe them for his ritual later.

If you'd like to read more about Inherited Damnation, the series, or the individual book, please visit Claire's Website.


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