22 March, 2012

Lucky Seven from LIE TO ME

Amber Lin tagged me for the Lucky Seven game!

What this means is I am posting a short excerpt: Page 77, Line 7, Seven lines long.

And since I just finished my galleys... I know exactly which page is 77. Oooh.. (as I look to see what that is)... this is naughty.

This is from LIE TO ME, which releases in July -- Right around the corner!!

This was what she had waited two long years for. How she could have ever believed it was anyone but him who had possessed her so completely earlier tonight, she didn’t know. No one else had ever fit her this well, ever connected with the core of her being.

She closed her eyes, dug her nails into the small of his back, and lifted her hips off the mattress. “Alexei, more. You feel so right.” A soft blissful cry broke free. She gasped for air and exhaled, “Please . . . more.”

Now, I get to tag seven people.

I choose:

1. Dyann Love Barr
2. Linda Mercury
3. Alicia Dean
4. Joya Fields
5. Jill James
6. Linda Kage
7. And I'm cheating and tagging my alter ego so I have material for tomorrow's blog -- Claire Ashgrove

And I tag Danica Avet -- because I can!!



Great excerpt, but just enough for a tease! Can't wait to read it. :-)

Hot tamales!! You are so 'bad'. :) Can't wait to read it.

Mmm, yum. What a happy line to come across on your lucky seven! I can't wait to read it either! Since catching him in bed with a woman in Stripped, I've had a huge crush on Alexei.

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