24 November, 2011

Back in the Trenches

In keeping with the Thursday Teaser theme...  Guess what landed in my inbox this last week?

Two very hot men and one extremely dangerous woman.

"Long golden-brown hair blew in the wind as he lounged against the brick exterior wall.  Her gaze locked with his light green eyes, and all the simmering desire that had flared between them since her arrival at her cousin’s club three weeks earlier ignited."


"He let out a soft laugh with a shake of his head.  A lock of wavy dark hair fell into his eyes.  He pushed it back and sank deeper into the chair, further stretching out his long muscular legs."

Yep, that's right -- edits came back for Lie to Me.  I'm pleased to report, there's not a whole lot of headaches involved.  YAY!

But, definitely time to hit the grindstone.  See you all next week!



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