16 September, 2011

Exciting New Things

Well, I'm uber-excited about the fact that I received and finished page proofs for Stripped.  It's amazing... this book is really real!  Can't believe it's going to come out in January, it seems sooo surreal.

And it looks awesome!  I love everything that Berkley has done with and for it.  Simply incredible!

Another tidbit or two...

1.  I received the release date for the second Black Opal book.  Lie To Me will come out in July of 2012. 
2.  I've received and thumbs-upped the back cover copy for Lie To Me.  And I will be sharing it as soon as I receive official word we're good to go.

Happy dancing over here.  Sincerely, happy dancing!



Congrats! :) I so understand that feeling of it finally being real.

And looks like we're going to be release sisters twice next year. My second with Berkley comes out in July too, lol.

Woo Hoo, congrats! That's amazing. I like the title for book 2.

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