14 July, 2011

Copy Edit Time!

Well, it's here, it's finally here -- copy edits for STRIPPED!

I must confess that I was a little daunted by the receipt of these.  I stared at the mail a long while, fidgeting, wondering how badly it was going to hurt when I opened it.  How much work was yet remaining.  In part, because it's always a little scaring working with a new editor, be that the aquiring editor or the copy editor.

In part, because like many authors, I have doubts about myself.

But I took a deep breath, opened it up, and was pleasantly surprised!  It's not bad at all, in fact, the few quick glances that I've taken make it look pretty easy. 

So Stripped is wrapping up.  I'm so anxious to see the cover, I think I'll end up crying when I get it just because of the build up.  (Happy tears mind you.)

Meanwhile, book 2 in the Black Opals series is on the home stretch.  Barring any more late night trips to the emergency room for my joyful little demons :), it will be complete this weekend.



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