21 April, 2011

Publication Progress

Well, it's been difficult trying to keep up two blogs and meet deadlines.  So I'm back in the grind and hoping to get this launched effectively.

Keeping with themes, and Wednesday being Wicked, Thursdays are going to be updates on what's going on in the publication progress.  This might be tidbits about works I'm working on, or actual process updates.

Today we'll go with the latter.

I have completed the revisions requested by my editor and have sent the manuscript off to my agent and trusted critiquers for review.  Initially, while I was super-charged about the project, the work seemed a little daunting.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that once I got into it, everything rolled very smoothly.  There were a few mental blocks I had to unbend, but that worked well.  And with the help of my god-send critique partners, I had a few great laughs and some wonderful suggestions that helped get a couple balls rolling.

Also, I received preliminary back cover copy for the book -- which is being retitled so I can't refer to it by a name yet -- and we are examining that (we being my editor and myself). Title suggestions came through, there were a couple I liked, but we are bouncing around some additional ideas too.

More to come, hopefully, next week!  Otherwise, we'll just give a general writing status update!



Hi Tori, congrats on your sale to Berkley Heat! I'm in NTRWA (Great Expectations contest) and they announced your sale today at our meeting. I was excited to hear that because my debut is releasing from Berkley Heat in January as well, so we're debut buddies! Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. :)

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